Giri Marine Services is very experienced in Annual Calibration & Certification Including sales ,services of All types (any make/model) of :
Personal & Portable LEL / Oxygen / H2S & CO Single gas detectors.
Multi Gas Detector
HC/O2 Gas Detector
Tankscope , Explosivmeter
Oxygen Analyzers
Breath Alcohol Analyzers
Fixed Gas Detection System In Pumproom & Accommodation.

We are Providing on board vessel services as well as On-Site including free Pickup / Delivery Services.

Personal / Portable Gas Detectors we regularly calibrate & service includes:-
Riken Keiki
BW Technologies
RAE Systems
GMI, etc……

We maintain a large inventory of certified Calibration Mixtures Gases(Oxygen, Methane,(%LEL),Nitrogen, Hydrogen Sulphide, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Butane, Pentane, Propane, Isobutane, and more…)

Our Trained Engineers are regularly carrying out Annual calibration, re-certification including Repairs of Hermetic UTI & MMC UTI Tapes as per makers specification and procedures.

Our Master Equipments are traceable to National/International Standard.

We are undertake below mention jobs on board vessels in port/anchorage etc.

Measuring Tapes 15 Mtrs / 30 Mtrs.- Inspection/ Renewal & Spare Supply
Temperature Sensor ( Oil/water) – Inspection / Renewal & Spare Supply
Display PCB – Inspection/ Repairs/ Renewal & Spare Supply
Spares are usually available ex stock at our works.

15 ppm Bilge Alarm Monitors – Annual Verification & Function Test.

Our team of qualified engineers are able to carry out a retrofit, new installation and/or calibration of your existing bilge monitor in 24/7.

We Have in stock of ;
Smartcell Bilge Monitor – meets the requirements of MEPC 107 (49)and
OCD-CM Bilge monitor – meets the requirements of MEPC 60 (33)

We are specialized for doing calibration on board vessels as well as on site as per customer requirement.

Calibration of Pressure Calibrators ( Master ), Pressure Gauges,
Calibration of complete ship board - P/P Room – CCR Pressure / Receiver Gauges, Including Pneumatic Transmitters of Cargo Pumps and Ballast educator Pumps.
Calibration and Servicing of Safety Relief Valves for offshore – oil Rings.
Calibration of Dive Depth Gauges , for Diving Vessels.
Calibration of Pressure Transmitters pencil types, DP Transmitters etc.
Calibration of Vacuum Gauges / Pressure Switches.
Calibration of Aneroid Barometer.

Our Calibration Laboratory is equipped with certified master instruments and their Calibration Accuracy are traceable to National & International Standards.

Our facility includes Computerized Calibration & Report generation conforming to ISO Standards.
We are regularly carried out calibration services for the below mention instruments.
Annual Calibration of Temperature Calibrator ( Master )
Calibration of Mercury filled Glass Thermometers.
Calibration of Temperature Sensors RTD,Thermocouple Sensors for Main engine/Auxiliary engine.
Calibration of Exhaust Temperature Pyrometers for Main/Aux Engines.
Calibration of Temperature Gauges, Capillary Types for Cargo Pumps
Calibration of Temperature Indicators/ Switches.


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